About Us

LeaderEQ is an industry-leading AI-powered platform for world-class executive coaching

We seek to ensure that passion and emotional intelligence are the driving factors in leadership and business. We believe that more passionate and empathetic leaders equate to more driven and successful teams.

Our Core Team

LeaderEQ was founded by a mother and daughter duo who have a passion for transforming the industry of executive coaching. Supported by a dedicated team of technology professionals, strategists, and innovators, they are advancing the coaching profession.

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Passion, dedication and enthusiasm are the very essence of our company. It’s reflected in our values, culture, and in our promise to excellence.

Our Advisors

Our Advisors are some of the most passionate and prominent coaches, leaders, and HR professionals in the country. We are extremely grateful to have them helping us on this journey to reinvent and reimagine the concept of executive coaching for the digital era.

Our Values


We have a passion for executive coaching and we believe in the potential of this professional discipline to transform lives and drive stratospheric growth for organizations.


LeaderEQ values emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and compassion for others. We want to encourage and promote coaches that share these traits.


We want to be a welcome addition to our clients’ organizations and we value the importance of interpersonal respect as well as respecting our clients’ organizational cultures.


Part of emotional intelligence is recognizing your own behaviors, attitudes, strengths, and opportunities to improve.


We hold ourselves accountable for results, just as we encourage clients and their coaches to be accountable for their personal contributions and for the results of each coaching relationship.


We have an energetic spirit of discovery and a willingness to embrace new ideas; we are unconventional thinkers who are seeking to expand the cutting-edge of our industry.


LeaderEQ is all about being willing to learn, listen, ask good questions, and keep moving forward in a spirit of earnestness and purposefulness.


Obstacles and setbacks are inevitable in life; the true definition of your character is how you respond. We are determined to keep working and adapting to overcome challenges, and we value that same sensibility in our coaches and clients.