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Top 5 Ways To Identify And Retain Talent with Chessa Eskandanian-Yee & Kage Spatz

We are in the business of human capital. As such, behavioral science is an important pillar of our model. We are currently working on launching our app and improving the matchmaking algorithm. And, that’s about all we can disclose at the moment.

TecHR Interview with Chessa Eskandanian-Yee, CEO at LeaderEQ

Get to know our fearless leader and CEO, Chessa Eskandanian-Yee and what our company stands for.

This "New Era" of AI Isn't About Making People Obsolete

Tasks will change as a result of AI, and routine processes and low-value work will be automated or reinvented. But the workplace of the future is going to need people more than ever, and it will need them to bring their best ideas and their essential human element to work.

A Mother-Daughter Duo Creates An Artificial Intelligence-Based Executive Coaching Platform

There is a widespread fear that artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs, but these mother-daughter cofounders hope to use artificial intelligence to make people better at their jobs. LeaderEQ uses artificial intelligence-based technology to match coaches with executives and host virtual sessions on desktop or mobile.

CEO Chessa Eskandanian-Yee Interviews with Native Society

As LeaderEQ’s CEO, Chessa aims to inspire constant improvement for business leaders and their organizations.

How HR Managers Can Most Effectively Leverage Coaching Experts

While the industry of coaching has been functioning in a state of status quo for decades, the demand has spiked in recent years. It’s important, now more than ever, to have a trusted sounding board to enhance the skills that are forgotten when being so reliant on technology as a means of communication.

Coaching is not therapy & therapy is not coaching!

Now more than ever, executives are facing enormous pressure to perform and bear the burden of accountability and responsibility for their organizations, hence validating the necessity of coaching and therapy functions in the workplace.

How HR Can Upskill Executive Teams with AI-Based Coaching Resources

Until recently, the value of coaching services has not been measurable, and finding a compatible coach for an executive also felt like a challenging task.

Why Every Leader Needs a Coach: Benefits of an Executive Coach

Social media and streaming services mean that every move we make can be uploaded and watched by millions of people within seconds. Because of this, leaders around the globe are no longer just beholden to board members or customers but are held to a higher standard by everyone.